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    Founded in 1986, Kendall Press is a commercial design and printing services company serving the greater Boston area and beyond. Based in Kendall Square, Cambridge we specialize in designing custom solutions to address the most challenging communication requirements of our clients.
    We are a 100% locally owned and operated business that prints and manufactures onsite. We offer free delivery within the Route 128 Corridor and we even ship around the globe.  We're also local customers and are proud that over 85% of all the labor, supplies, raw materials, and resources we use are purchased from other companies that support our local economy.
    As a professional communications company, we're in the business of business. Whether your objective is building a brand, driving demand or selling an idea, we understand that what we produce is a means to that end.
    And in a region where engineering, education and research reign, we are dedicated to providing innovative, timely and reliable output for discerning, precision-focused clients like these.
    We've been continuously evolving over the past 30 years to deliver innovation on a daily basis that fulfills our clients' needs. Today we use a combination of traditional craftsmanship and the latest digital technologies which means we can achieve just about anything you can dream up. 
    That innovation combined with fanatical customer service allows us to deliver at the pace of business today and means we will help you get from Order to Done as fast as possible.


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