We help businesses, institutions and non-profits connect with one another to find clients, employees, products, and service providers necessary to thrive in the Cambridge business community. 




    We take an active role in public policy issues confronting the greater Cambridge business community and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. By continually working with legislative bodies and government agencies, we promote the economic health of the City of Cambridge and ensure that our members are kept informed of the issues that affect them. 



    We encourage our members to forge new professional and personal relationships through our networking events, forums for learning, cross-promotion opportunities, and exposure to leading figures of influence in the business, political, and public arenas. 


    Networking Events

    We encourage our members to build professional relationships through our networking event series. 


    Professional Development Programs

    We leverage the educational resources for our members in designing comprehensive professional programming that combines the individual expertise of a member and the educational resources within the city. 

    Government Affairs Speaker Series 

    We invite influential business, community, and political leaders to lead lectures and discussions with our members on issues that affect the business economy in Cambridge. 


  • Visionary Awards 

    We are proud to celebrate visionaries within large and small businesses, educational institutions, and non-profit agencies who make a difference in Cambridge and beyond. By finding solutions to the world's most pressing problems, these community members help one person at a time; and create global, advancing solutions to the world's most pressing challenges. Visionaries reflect the very best of Cambridge. They represent our community's passion for advancing cutting edge innovation and our dedication to creating a strong quality of life for all who live, work, and play in Cambridge.

    Connections Newsletter

    Our monthly newsletter delivers timely updates on all things Chamber and Member news, events, and more. 

    Exposure Opportunities 

    We encourage our members to send us their news and events for us to share and promote through our website, social media, and email. We offer several sponsorship opportunities through our website and our list of events. 

    Certificates of Origin 

    If your company exports outside of the United States, the Chamber will stamp the required documents for you, free of charge. Please contact Mike Hoff for more details

    Free Small Business Counseling 

    SCORE business counselors are available at no charge to offer mentoring services to discuss issues facing small businesses. Contact SCORE office to learn more or to schedule a free appointment today at 617-565-5591.

    Looking for Healthcare Insurance? 

    Due to government regulations and complexity, the healthcare insurance market has changed dramatically over the last few years. As you may know, the Cambridge Chamber is no longer able to offer plans directly to our membership. We've partnered with The CIP Group, located in Cambridge, to be of assistance. As an independent insurance brokerage and recognized expert on welfare benefit plans, integrated benefit technology and human capital management, The CIP Group can provide guidance and options for you. Contact them via their website (www.askcip.com) or directly by phone at 617-354-0866




  • Member Events