• Our committees enable members to become an active part of the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce and the Cambridge community. Committee members learn from and build relationships with their professional peers while effecting change in the Chamber itself, Cambridge government, community and/or specific industries. Our committees focus on a number of topics, and ensure that a variety of needs and concerns are addressed. All members are invited and encouraged to participate on one or more committees.

  • Ambassador Committee Ambassador Committee

    The Ambassador Committee consists of volunteers who serve as the goodwill arm of the Chamber by welcoming new members, greeting guests at events and encouraging and educating existing members on how to maximize their CCC membership.

  • Business Development and Life Science Groups Business Development and Life Science Groups

    These groups meet monthly and help member companies with their business development work, creating new business opportunities through friendly supportive relationships and strong professional bonds. Participants are made up of sales professionals and business owners whose services do not directly complete with one another. Belonging to one of the groups is a great way to grow your business and learn from one another by providing leads at each meeting. Below is a quote from on of the group members: 

    "My company has found our involvement in the CCC's Leads Group Meetings to be extremely useful. The format ensures no competition, so everyone is very forthcoming about opportunities they're working on. The leads/industry intelligence garnered at these meetings is tremendously useful, and when I've asked group members for help, members have always been great about responding quickly and providing the exact help I needed. Now when I go to new business meetings, I listen for opportunities for other members of the group, and they do the same for me. I also feel it benefits me in creating better relationships when I can refer professionals in my networking group to help my clients with their other needs. The other members of this group have become my friends."   

  • Member Events