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    What is Body & Brain Yoga?

    With over 100 locations, Body & Brain yoga is a national leader in health, wellness, and integrative lifestyle education celebrating 20 years in the U.S. It originates from Korea where it has a rich 5,000-year-old history of holistic healing and mind-body practices. We provide a dynamic and comprehensive classes and programs to help you live a healthy and happy life. Our practice focuses on relaxation, energy awareness and core building to help you achieve amazing outcomes within you and your life.

    HEALTHY BODY | connect with your body and feeling good
    Increase strength and flexibility
    Manage weight
    Relieve pain
    Improve sleep
    Boost the immune system

    HAPPY MIND | you get to know your most authentic self through practicing compassion for your self and humanity
    Enhance focus and concentration
    Become centers and balanced
    Release stress
    Be free of anxiety and manage your emotions
    Increase mindfulness and compassion

    BENEVOLENT SPIRIT | tap into your greatest potential to manifest your life to the one you love
    Discover inner peace, true confidence, and joy
    Deepen mindfulness
    Radiate with love and human spirit
    Enhance relationships in your life
    Embody the ''benevolent-for-all''

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