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Corporate Leaders

Siena Construction

Philip Pavlovich - Siena Construction

The CCC has really stepped up their game with terrific morning and evening events in unique Cambridge settings. From Google and WeWorks, AC Hotel, Sheraton Commander, and Royal Sonesta Hotels, to great restaurants like Summer Shack and Mamaleh's.

The programs have been a great way to meet and interact with many interesting folks from Cambridge, and I have personally made some connections that have turned into friendships and business opportunities.


As the City's largest business organization, the Chamber plays a key role in bringing to light the issues that most deeply impact leading businesses. We connect corporate leaders with elected officials at the state and local levels to ensure that our members’ voices are heard.

By continually working with legislative bodies and government agencies, we ensure that our members are kept informed of the issues that affect them, while promoting the economic health of the City of Cambridge.

The Chamber offers the City's leading businesses a way to demonstrate their commitment to corporate responsibility and to their role as meaningful community partners.

The Chamber offers critical insights into the public policy issues that affect your business.


Dues for corporate leaders are determined by the structure of your organization. Please contact Jim Anello to determine the membership level that best fits your organization.

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