About the Cambridge Chamber
    At the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce, we are dedicated to the promotion and connection of businesses to create a thriving economic community in Cambridge. We represent a diverse membership of over 750 businesses from all sectors that drive the Cambridge economy - high tech and life sciences, to hospitality, higher education, and healthcare. Through Chamber events, programs and more, we strive to educate, engage, and empower our members to ensure their success. 
    The Cambridge Chamber of Commerce has six full-time professional staff members who serve the daily needs of the membership. 
    David Maher 
    President & CEO 
    Works with Board of Directors to set strategic direction of the organization, build a viable and healthy membership for the Chamber, and encourage the continued economic well-being of the city via a vibrant business community. In addition, handles member retention. Develops and implements new programs, events, and sponsorship opportunities to service members, as well as manages the benefit & service plan. 
    Christine Ficula 
    Director of Finance and Operations 
    Oversees the Chamber's finances, including accounts receivable/payable, disbursement activity, payroll, and prepares monthly financial statements. Serves as the contact for Human Resources and other operational needs. 
    Nancy Donohue 
    Director of Government and Community Relations 
    Responsible for developing and advancing public policy and government/community activities in support of the membership of the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce. 
    Jessica Sousa 
    Director of Membership
    Directs and manages new member sales. Assists with the development and implementation of programs and activities designed to involve members in the CCC. 
    Cydney Conmy 
    Marketing Coordinator 
    Designs, produces, and manages print and electronic marketing materials including Chamber newsletter and website. Assists with public relations and social media efforts. 
    Michael Hoff 
    Data and Operations Analyst 
    Manages the Chamber's database software system. Tracks and analyzes member retention data and implements the resulting retention directives. Also fulfills both the Chamber's accounts payable and receivable operations. 
  • Board of Directors 

  • Elizabeth Schwab 
    Bill Zamparelli
    Eversource (NSTAR)
    Emeritus Members
    Joe Barrell
    James Hawkins
    Norman McIver
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