• Reasons to Join

    At the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce, we offer the very best benefits for our members.

  • Making Connections

    Every business needs to connect with its local community to find clients and employees, products and service providers. Whether you are a multinational corporation or an entrepreneur, we connect members with the people, products and services necessary to thrive. We also connect members with the Cambridge Chamber's multidisciplinary staff, and offer our expertise to enhance the impact of business community.

  • Providing a Voice in Government

    We take an active role in public policy issues confronting the greater Cambridge business community and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. By dedicating a full-time Cambridge Chamber of Commerce staff person to this arena, we ensure that our membership is kept abreast of issues that impact our membership. We continually work with legislative bodies and government agencies to promote the economic health of the city of Cambridge.  The Government Affairs Committee convenes on a monthly basis to discuss current issues and host timely and influential speakers. Members of the committee also attend and offer testimony at public meetings and legislative hearings.

  • Educating Members

    The Cambridge Chamber of Commerce is proud to operate in a community that places a supreme value on learning, and we are committed to the continued education of our members. We leverage the educational resources of our Cambridge Chamber members to design comprehensive professional programming that combines individual expertise with the four institutes of higher learning in the city of Cambridge.

  • Involving Business in the Community

    At the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce, we connect businesses with the Cambridge community, and provide endless opportunities for both. Our Community Outreach Committee makes these connections through our innovative programming, such as the Cambridge Challenge - a collaborative effort that pairs local youth with businesses to create employment opportunities and real-life work experience. This program aims to enhance the quality of life in the Cambridge community, develop Cambridge's future workforce, and provide a meaningful way to make a difference both in the life of a young person and in a business.

  • Member Events