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    We partner with communities (schools, businesses, athletic teams) to create customized yoga and mindfulness programs to help manage stress, cultivate resilience, and unearth potential. We believe that every individual has the inner resources to approach life with compassion, strength, joy, and authenticity.

    Our corporate yoga program is straight forward, cost effective, and accessible to all. We travel to you and provide mats and props for our classes that combine energetic movement and relaxation techniques. We offer introduction classes and discounted packages for ongoing classes scheduled weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually.

    The practice of yoga and mindfulness guides children as they learn to become advocates for themselves and each other, accessing their health and vitality with intention. Bringing Yoga For Good to your school community is a powerful way to build camaraderie and help students maintain focus, build emotional intelligence, and make sound choices as engaged and curious learners.

    Going beyond simple stretching, the physical practice of yoga works joints and muscles through all ranges of motion, emphasizing proper alignment and building strength. A focus on balance and coordination leads to better technique and form while joint and muscular flexibility increases range of motion. Athletes learn accessible breathing and mindfulness techniques to build focus and mental clarity during performance.


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