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  • H Mart Cambridge


    About Us

    H Mart is a Asian-American supermarket chain that has been in business for over 36 years and it has more than 60 stores in U.S. nationwide. It serves both traditional Asian and international food, with fresh produce, meat, poultry and fishery.

    H Mart is always striving for the best customer service and offering high quality products for diverse ethnic groups. As a result, H Mart is recognized as one of the fastest growing retailers in the National Retail Federation’s HOT 100 RETAILERS (#13 Hmart). Moreover, Supermarket News has listed H Mart as one of the Top 70 Food Retailers & Wholesalers in the United States & Canada (2015 Top 75 List).


    H Mart's Fresh Produce
    Satisfaction Guaranteed Grocery
    JINGA - Ready to Eat Korean Food
    Korean Style Marinated BBQ
    H Mart's Freshest Seafood
    H Mart's Freshest Meat
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