• ACIR (Accelerating Cancer Immunotherapy Research)


  • ACIR (Accelerating Cancer Immunotherapy Research)

    Biomedical Research Institution

    About Us

    ACIR's mission is to fast-track cancer immunotherapy research by providing a free weekly digest of the key advances in Cancer Immunobiology, Experimental Immunotherapy, and Innovative Methods.
    Our scientists scour PubMed and curate the key publications we believe all researchers should be aware of. We hope that by making it easier to stay up to date, our summary will enhance the productivity and creativity of many, bringing us closer to a cure.


    Boosting immunity with the microbiome- Feb 27
    Found: tumor-reactive regulatory T cells- Feb 20
    Tcf1+ progenitor-like T cell subsets sustain antitumor responses- Feb 13
    Koch Institute Immune Engineering Symposium 2019- Feb 6
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