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  • Offer Valid: 11/08/2021 - 11/07/2022
    We are a professional sanitization and decontamination services company based out of Cambridge, MA. Our primary area of business is focused on helping labs maintain a clean, sterile environment. We often are hired to come in over holiday breaks or weekends to come in and completely disinfect entire suites, rooms, and occasionally entire facilities. Our clients appreciate the peace of mind in knowing after our disinfection services, their lab space is free of environmental contamination, and scientists can get right back to work.

    In recent months, our business has also been helping facilities stay open for all employees coming in to work. Our methods are 100% effective against COVID-19, and these methods allow our clients to return to their offices immediately after our protocols are completed. This has been an invaluable service for many of our clients.

    Slots for the December shutdown are filling up fast! Please reach out ASAP to secure your time.

    If your company is a CoC member, or a CoC member refers QuickDecons to a new client, there is a one-time 15% off welcome offer available. 

    This Special Promotion is promoted by Cambridge Chamber of Commerce.

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