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    Food For Free is a non-profit organization that has been improving access to healthy food within our community for 36 years. They rescue food that would otherwise go to waste, strengthening the community food system, and creating new distribution channels to reach underserved populations. “We envision a future where everyone in our community—regardless of age, income or ability—has consistent access to fresh, healthy, delicious food.”

    What is the history of your business?
    Food For Free was founded in 1981 by a group of local activists who saw that grocery stores were throwing away perfectly good food while local food pantries struggled to keep enough on their shelves. With borrowed vans and trucks, these volunteers began to "rescue" food at risk of being discarded and to bring this food to local pantries, meal programs, and shelters.

    What is your favorite part of doing business in Cambridge?
    Cambridge really identifies as a community, and every feels a sense of ownership for our collective well-being. Everyone wants to do their part.

    What piece of advice would you give other business owners?
    Get to know your neighbors! They'll surprise you with their awesomeness.

    What new or exciting things are happening with your business?
    We're pretty jazzed about our Family Meals program, which takes prepared food--like that from Harvard's dining halls--and repackages it into single-serving meals. We're bringing this food to homeless families staying in hotel shelters, to community college students, and to families with young kids--all groups at risk for hunger and who can struggle to cook for themselves.

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