• Member Spotlight: Big Foot Moving Company

  • Member Spotlight: Big Foot Moving Company

    Member Spotlight: Big Foot Moving Company

    Big Foot Moving Company provides professional moving and storage services. Their skilled professionals are reliable, trustworthy, courteous, athletic, and able to ensure the safe delivery of your possessions to their new destination.  Big Foot Moving Company has been a member of the CCC since 2008, and have been assisting Cambridge residents, businesses, and government offices for nearly 18 years. 

    What is the history of your business?
    Mike Bavuso, President of Big Foot Moving & Storage, Inc. started a career in the moving and storage industry some 24 years ago. While earning a degree at Boston University, Mike gained experience as a professional mover. Upon graduating, Mike took a full-time sales and marketing position at a Boston based market research firm. Simultaneously, he continued to pursue his passion for superior customer service in the moving and storage realm by relocating apartments, houses, and small businesses on his own time. Mike’s approach was to concentrate on one customer at a time and his moving business began to take off through word-of-mouth referrals. In 1999, Mike decided to focus his energy on providing a phenomenal relocation service and established Big Foot Moving & Storage, Inc. full time.

    What is your favorite part of doing business in Cambridge?
    Our favorite part is meeting all the fascinating residents and businesses in Cambridge. The moving and storage industry is really all about excellent customer service.  We appreciate the opportunity to assist our customers during an exciting yet sometimes stressful time of relocating. 

    What piece of advice would you give other business owners?
    I would recommend imagining yourself as the customer.  What would you expect from a moving and storage company?  How would you want your belongings handled? Provide the best service possible so that everyone is pleased and your business will, in turn, be successful because happy customers will tell their friends, neighbors, even acquaintances about their experience. 

    What new or exciting things are happening with your business?
    On November of 2016, we moved our headquarters and warehouse operation to 5 Craig Road in Acton, MA.  The facility is nearly double the size of our old space in Arlington and provides a more central location to best serve our customers.   We are also expanding our fleet with two new moving trucks and a new trailer arriving any day. 

    Check out Big Foot Moving Company!
    Facebook    https://www.facebook.com/bigfootmoving/  
    Linkedin      https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikebavuso/

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