• Taking It To The Fast Lane with Our First Speed Networking Event

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    On August 30th at 7:30am the staff ofTaking It To The Fast Lane with Our First Speed Networking Event the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce all convened at K2 Cafe, a nervous excitement surrounding the brand new, modern and innovative space. While the Chamber has had networking events in the past, what we were about to attempt was unlike anything we had done before. With hopes of adding life to the classic networking meet-up, we decided to host a speed networking event; a speed dating inspired concept with a professional twist. As guests began to file in, K2 Café brought out coffee and assorted pastries that flew off the platters – because there is nothing professionals love more than coffee. Once the initial food-craziness died down, the Chamber called for everyone’s attention to explain how this unique event would work. Everyone would have 1 minute to partner up, then each pair would have 5 minutes to introduce themselves and get chatting. At the end of the 5 minutes, partners would switch. It was a very simple concept and very open-ended, allowing pairs to talk for longer than the allocated 5 minutes if they so desired. Our guests didn’t waste a minute getting to know one another, chatting about their current jobs, future ambitions, and swapping secrets of the trade. K2 Café quickly filled with conversations and even some friendly debates. When the event finally drew to a close, looks of shock crossed our guests’ faces, as nobody could believe just how quickly time flew. We look forward to hosting more fun and informative events like Speed Networking in the future. Look out for upcoming event postings on our Twitter, @CambridgeChambr, or on our website, http://www.cambridgechamber.org/.
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