• Member Spotlight: Parents Forum

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    Tell us about your business:
    Parents Forum offers workshop curricula focused on emotional awareness and designed to help individuals and groups develop resources and create networks to support effective parenting.
    How long have you been a member of the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce?
    Over 20 years
    How long have you been a part of the Cambridge business community?
    25 years
    What is the history of your business?
    Since we established our program 25 years ago we have worked with a variety of community agencies and received support from a many businesses and individuals. It has been a struggle financially but a very rewarding one, both personally and professionally for all of us involved in Parents Forum. We are grateful for current, on-going support from Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation who provided funds for launch of our redesigned website. We are grateful also to our website designers at OneVisualMind!
    As we step forward into our second quarter-century, we are delighted to have prospective partners around the world, as far away as Soweto, South Africa, and Chennai, India. We also have partners in Europe and the U.S. and right down the street in Cambridge!
    What is your favorite part of doing business in Cambridge?
    Exploring and appreciating the richness of our community and the diversity, intelligence and generosity of its people.
    What Piece of advice would you give other business owners?
    Don’t be afraid to ask for help! When you do so you are giving others a chance that they might not otherwise have to become involved with your work in some way, perhaps a client, perhaps a board member, perhaps a participant. This pearl of wisdom was given to me by the former head of Cambridge Family and Children’s Services who kindly hosted the Parents Forum office for a time in the mid-1990s.
    What new or exciting things are happening with your business?
    We have created ‘Spotlight on Conversation’ a workforce development initiative based on the Parents Forum agenda and ‘Learning What We Live’ a youth development initiative similarly based. We are planning to celebrate International Day of Families, May 15 (a Monday this year) and ask fellow Chamber members to save the date for an afternoon reception, tentatively planned for 3:00 to 5:00pm.

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